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LG Launches Their New Curved Screens

A Curved World Inspired by Creativity

As graphic designers, we spend most of our days in front of our workstations. And of all of our various tools of creation, the computer monitor is arguably the heart of our operation. If monitors are able to display our works as designed, our lives would be a whole lot easier. Image accuracy issues become a thing of the past.

It isn’t all about resolution, though. As we work on more and more projects, we find ourselves praying for more real estate. Screen size, all of a sudden, becomes a priority. Most of us shift to using a dual-monitor setup to address the issue. While that may work for some, others couldn’t help but feel like there should be a better way.

LG is proud to unveil their astonishing LG 34UC97 model. It’s the world’s first 21:9 Curved UltraWide QHD IPS display. Tech-speak aside, what it boils down to is a monitor that delivers a graphic design experience that mixes viewing comfort with a sophisticated style that complements our lifestyle.

The world is still new to curved screen technology and there are those wondering — what’s the point? A monitor’s a monitor, right? Do I dive into the hype or should all arguments for curved TV screens be rendered moot? Well, there are advantages to using curved screens. For graphic designers, in particular, it allows for a more immerse working experience. The viewing experience shifts to one that wherein your work seems to wrap around you, giving you a sense of focus.

Microsoft Word - LGE_34UC97_PR Review_GRAPHIC DESIGNER_(Final).d

The unique shape also reduces contrast, which is always a welcome feature for people like us.

As far as device connection is concerned, the 34UC97 provides convenience and efficiency like you’ve never experienced before. This is mainly because of its following features:

  • Thunderbolt2™ slots — a cool feature that enables all Mac-compatible devices to connect to the curved screen. This also means that you can connect a Pegasus2 (data storage system compatible to Mac) which would make file transfers four-times faster than what USB 3.0 could do.
  • Two HDMI ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and a Displayport — which still makes it a suitable choice as a connection hub for other devices.

As mentioned, this awesome 34-inch display has a 21:9 ratio and boosted with a 3440×1440 QHD resolution. It creates a solid, sharp display environment where there is an endless opportunity for multi-tasking. One concrete example is how it makes dragging and dropping files easier in between applications. For Mac users, you should update your OS to take full advantage of 34UC97’s QHD resolution.

Microsoft Word - LGE_34UC97_PR Review_GRAPHIC DESIGNER_(Final).d

What’s more, this 178-degree curved wide screen with its IPS display sustains a crisp output all throughout the edges. it also eliminates any color shift that often happens on the corners of VA panel. This is especially helpful for us, creative professionals, in an industry where seeing things as clearly as possible separates the line between getting paid or not.

Microsoft Word - LGE_34UC97_PR Review_GRAPHIC DESIGNER_(Final).d

Most importantly, the 34UC97 reaches color space of over 99% sRGB. This matters because it consistently matches the color quality of printed outputs.

Microsoft Word - LGE_34UC97_PR Review_GRAPHIC DESIGNER_(Final).d

If you’re looking for something to redefine your workspace, the LG 34UC97 might just be the right tool for you. As it delivers efficiently, produces professional color quality, and displays an immersive view!

Microsoft Word - LGE_34UC97_PR Review_GRAPHIC DESIGNER_(Final).d

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