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30 Astonishing Samples of Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art

Have you ever felt the urge to draw on filthy car windows? I bet most of us had experience doodling on layers of dust coating a car window. We all love to put a humorous “wash me!” or even draw a family of stick figures on the window. Well Scott Wade—also known as the “The Da Vinci of Dust” and “The Dirty Car Artist“—is simply taking this act a notch higher. He uses the accumulated dust in the car’s window to create intricate masterpieces. His vast portfolio features several re-creations of some of  the most famous art pieces including the Mona Lisa by Leonardo the Vinci and The Girl with the Pearl Earing by Johann Vermeer

Its weird because dirty cars are so much part of our culture and when we see them we think “Oh God that was ugly, Gonna go wash it” But if we can turn that into beauty then it challenges our perception on what’s beautiful and what’s not.

Early endeavors

Even as a little kid, Scott just couldn’t resist drawing on dusty car windows. Being a son of an amateur cartoonist, Scott was exposed to drawing early in his life and dirty windows are his canvas. He remembers drawing funny faces on random car windows with his bare hands. Until one day—out of curiosity—Scott pulled out a chewed Popsicle stick out of his mouth and started using that as a medium. The result was fantastic; thus the idea to use a real brush was brought up. After continuous experimentation, he discovered his own style and method.  

Natural or Artificial Canvas

There are two types of canvases for Scott. First is the natural canvas, wherein the cars are driven for days on a dirt road until the rear window is covered with almost opaque layer of fine dust. Scott prefers this kind of canvas due to its natural and even coating. Second is the artificial one in which Scott has to imitate the texture of the natural canvas with the use of oil, a blower, and a bag of a very fine dirt. This type of canvas usually comes in handy especially on events where access to filthy car windows is very limited.

International Exposure

Scott got to travel around the world to showcase his unique skill for various international events. His works has been featured on different international media including, History Channel, The CBS Early Show, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, Inside Edition, CMT’s Country Fried Home Videos, Maxin, Car and Driver, The National Enquirer, and Nickelodeon.

Now get your eyes ready and let’s all check out these 30 Astonishing samples of Scott Wade’s Dirty Car Art!


Mona Lisa/Starry Night


A Girl With The Pearl Earring


A Friend In Need


Einstein With Crazy Hair


Ronaldhino Gaucho


Polar Bears (In a Dust Storm?)


Pink Fest


Pet Fest


Octoberfest Girls


Mt. Rushmore


Marilyn & Audrey






Inside Edition


Hylas and the Nymphs


Him & Her


Harry On His Broomstick






Houston Blues


Houston, We Have A Problem


The Three Stooges


Desert Dust


Chichen Itza


The Haywain


Caddo Indian


Happy Birthday, Bob


Texas Wildflowers


Carstar Soaps It Up!


Illinoisians: Burl & William


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Temporary Art

On a sunny day, Scott’s works serve as an amusement among random people across the street. But sooner or later, the sky will darken and rain will start to pour, leaving his creations all washed up. For some, it is an unfortunate waste for a masterpiece that could have been preserved. Well for Scott, that’s just how life goes in a world where nothing is permanent. He looks at this scenario as a chance to create a new masterpiece. For him, every rainfall reveals a blank canvas waiting for him to create the next one.

We’re not here forever, Were like flowers — We bloom, We die — so we just have to enjoy life as it goes by.

What can you say about these fantastic artworks? What is your take on his personal view on his artworks being temporary? Share us your thoughts through the comments below. For more of Scott Wade’s masterpieces, Check out his personal website here!

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