Monday, 15 September 2014

Logo Designs for Iconic TV Characters

Don’t feel sad if your favorite season ended, what you should do instead why don’t you use it to fuel your next project just like Pablo Canepa.

Using his passion for famous American TV shows, Uruguay based artist, Pablo Canepa created these set of logos for various protagonists and antagonists and their would be professions or their hobbies if they were to exists in real life. Canepa created logos for various iconic TV characters such as Walter White, Jesse Pinkman and Hank Schrader of AMC’s critically acclaimed hit, Breaking Bad then there’s also Sheldon Cooper with Howard Wolowitz in CBS’ hit show The Big Bang Theory, Don Draper in Madman and Gregory House of House are also included among others. Canepa based his designs from the character’s jobs, as for others he used the character’s passion and interests.

The logos created highlights the best features of the characters and not only that but it perfectly matches the traits and personalities as well as the passions of these various fictional characters.On top of that, Canepa’s logos perfectly sets the design aesthetics of the possible logos for these characters and for their possible careers.

TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-001 TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-002 TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-003 TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-004 TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-005 TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-006 TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-007 TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-008 TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-009 TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-010 TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-011 TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-012 TV-Series-Character-Logos-Pablo-Canepa-013

According to Canepa, he made these logos for fun but it clearly shows that he is well verse to the show and to it’s characters. The next time you feel bad about binge watching or obsessing on a series, think of the TV Series Characters Logos project by Pablo Canepa and maybe you’d get something from watching your favorite series. Do check out Pablo’s other works here.

What do you guys think? Did Canepa do justice to the infamous TV characters? Which logo do you like the best? Do tell us at the comments section below! Don’t forget to check us out in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.


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