Wednesday, 17 September 2014

17 Products You’ll Try Because Of Their Hipster Packaging

Hipsters are extreme about everything. They either want something minimalist or go for extremely graphic designs. But sometimes, there is a middle ground where those two meet. Here you’ll find some 17 Products You’ll Try Because Of Their Hipster Packaging. Some of these products look so good, you’ll add them immediately to your cart without even knowing what they are.

moustache packaging

1.) Monsieur Moustache (sauce and dips)

Hipster packaging element: The moustache. Definitely the moustache.

pixels wine packaging

2.) Pixels (spirit)

Hipster packaging element: Any reference to graphic design is hipster.

bottle packaging

3.) Taste of Greece Ouzo Mitilini (Greek alcohol)

Hipster packaging element: Hand-drawn feel, sloppy font, geometric pattern

tea packaging

4.) ICA private label tea

Hipster packaging element: Patterns, patches, and sticking with a monotone

marmalade packaging

5.) Jack Sailor Marmalade

Hipster packaging element: The use of a trendy font on a solid background (AKA the marmalade)


box packaging

6.) Argentum No Smell Socks, Russia

Hipster packaging element: Unconventional packaging for socks; open and boxy.

box packaging

7.) Blow Creative Agency, Hong Kong

Hipster packaging element: Colorful aztec geometric pattern


8.) Artifact Masque

Hipster packaging element: Subtle pattern and minimalist design

food packaging

9.) Clive’s Pies (and dips!), UK

Hipster packaging element: Hand-drawn feel, simple use of space, circles in different shades


10.) Musso’s Pantry (fictional)

Hipster packaging element: Colors! Brush strokes! Font! Yum!


11.) Raselli Organic Swiss Product

Hipster packaging element: Shapes. Definitely the shapes. And font.

can packaging

12.) Golden State Cider

Hipster packaging element: Typography, space, and frame. The colors are pretty hip, too.

elbow-grease (1)

13.) ElbowGrease, school project

Hipster packaging element: Huge font, patterns, color palette. Household chore has never been this cool.

can packaging

14.) Country Chic paint

Hipster packaging element: Sketched flowers and color palette                                                 


15.) Burton’s snacks

Hipster packaging element: Newspaper reference!

sweet virtues-1

16.) Sweet Virtues chocolate truffles

Hipster packaging element: Graphics, font and layout

bottle packaging

17.) Antidote Coldpressed Juice

Hipster packaging element: Triangles, font, and intriguing graphics


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