Thursday, 28 August 2014

WikiWand: Wikipedia Redesign in a Swish and Flick

“Good Old Wikipedia, Great New Look”

Wikipedia hasn’t change much since it was built because the developers want it to work on computers with low-resolution monitors or slow internet connections with the same efficiency as it does on modern devices. But do we have to deprive ourselves of a more appealing Wikipedia?


Make your Wikipedia experience more visually exciting with a modern interface in WikiWand.


Wikiwand is a tool that optimizes the dull-looking pages of Wikipedia for a quicker and significantly improved reading experience. The tool transforms Wikipedia content with great typography, easier navigation, and a revamped layout that allows for better readability on either widescreen or mobile devices.


You can now just search for articles through WikiWand and it will dynamically render pages into a more foolproof layout including gorgeous header images, user-friendly typography, dynamic table of contents, etc. Google Chrome users may also install an extension that automatically translates Wikipedia pages into the WikiWand format. This extension pre-loads assets so it allows for pages to load faster than on actual Wikipedia.


Currently, the team behind WikiWand is about to introduce several customization options such as font type, font size, etc.

Try WikiWand here.

{all images via Press Kit – WikiWand}

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