Thursday, 21 August 2014

Beautiful Handcrafted Posters on the Principles of Design

How closely do you follow the Principles of Design? It’s important for every designer – whether you’ve just started getting your feet wet, or have immersed yourself in the ocean of design – to master basic concepts. A good grasp of these ideas can help you not only with the art of creating, but with your own work as well. Turkish designer, Efil Türk has given us a beautiful collection of hand made posters detailing the elements of design. Using a combination of techniques such as paper cutting and photo manipulation, she’s provided us with a delightful series that isn’t afraid to both enchant and educate.

The rest of Efil’s work is available on her Behance. She also has a curated visual collection on her tumblr, which is an absolute – Must Follow!




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