Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Minimalist Monday: Classic Children’s Stories Posters

Minimalist posters inspired by classic children’s bedtime stories.

Christian Jackson a.k.a. Sinch, an illustrator and print artist, created a series of minimalist posters in appreciation of classic children fairy tales. The inspiration behind these designs are her two little daughters, both whom he calls “the foundation of his imagination and the muse for his creativity”.

This series was very different from any other project I’ve taken on, I was really inspired, and the ideas just started pouring out. I didn’t even really sketch much. It’s very rare that this happens for any artist or designer, and, unfortunately, it hasn’t happened on quite that strong of a level since.

Most of Sinch’s work consists of “freelance-based custom art and UI design”. He has been published on Mashable, BuzzFeed, The Land of Nod, Fab, Design Taxi, Not Cot, Brain Pickings, Under Consideration, and many more. These designs are 100% digital, created using Illustrator and then “textured and lit” in Photoshop.

Check out more of Sinch’s minimalist art on his portfolio.

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