Thursday, 3 April 2014

Ferdi Trihadi’s Tuby Project

Do you remember our feature about the Yellow Lemon Project by Sakiroo Choi? Once again, we came across a series of illustrations reminiscent of Sakiroo’s collection of interesting character redesigns ranging from comics, anime, artists, brands, movies, and other pop culture icons. The artist, Ferdi Trihadi, interpreted several pop-culture characters like you’ve never seen before.

Ferdi Trihadi is a 24 year-old Indonesian-born visual artist. He is now based on Kyoto, Japan as an illustrator and graphic designer after studying at Lasalle College of the Arts in Singapore. As a visual artist, he said that he experiments on diverse forms of digital media. Ferdi, first and foremost, is into digital illustration then he dwell on the world of motion graphics, interactive, and most recently on game development.

His trademark are his boldly lined characters and black outlined illustrations. When we talk about subjects and inspiration, the most evident theme of Ferdi’s art are consumerism and greed. He finds it fascinating that humans have limitless cravings and longings. Ferdi believes that it is in our nature to be kept unsatisfied and that greed is a condition that we all suffer from.

Ferdi applies these themes on his illustrations usually in the form of morbidly obese characters like the ones in Tuby. Tuby is a character design template from his other project entitled “Hardiness & Determination“. The design of the Tuby is Ferdi’s vision on human consumerism of technology and products such as: television shows, films, games, etc.

The outline of the Tuby looks like this:


It is a fat character, lying on the ground, and trying to do a sit-up which may symbolize the urge to oppose the human consumptive habit. Ferdi Trihadi will try to draw as many pop-culture characters as possible using the template and put all of them side by side to create a pattern.


And here’s Walter White from Breaking Bad


Lastly, here they are juxtaposed with each other to create a pattern


You can check out more of Ferdi Trihadi’s colorful work on his Website, Blog, FacebookBehance or even purchase some of them on Society6 .

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