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Your Complete Guide to Buying Leather Jackets [Infographic]

Studies have shown that stress and hair loss are related. Stress is one of the main reasons behind hair loss in both men, as A leather jacket is a fashionable piece of clothing. If you wish to look classy and stylish and want to boast your distinctive style statement at workplace or at a night club, use the information shared below to pick the perfect leather jacket for yourself.

Different Types of Leather Used For Making Leather Jackets

Leather jackets are made using special type of leather. The most commonly used leather is the cowhide. This type of leather is tough, durable, and is resistant to water and dirt. Motorcycle leather jackets are made using cowhide leather due to the unique properties that it possesses. Another type of leather that is used in leather jackets is deerskin. Deerskin is as strong and as durable as cowhide but it is softer and more elegant to feel and look.

Bison is another type of leather that is used for making leather jackets. It has a pretty natural green pattern that lends it a rich, earthly look and texture. The leather jackets that are being worn by Navy and Air Force are made out of goatskin-supple and pleasing pebble grain leather. Yet another type of leather that is used for crafting luxurious, light weight, and versatile leather jackets is lambskin. Jackets made out of this leather are extremely soft, flexible, and wearable.

Leather Is Made To Go Through Various Tanning Processes To Produce Different Finishes And Textures.

The popular leather finishes are Nappa, Aniline, Nubuck, Suede, and Split. Nappa is the highest grade of leather and is very expensive. Aniline is the colored and softened leather finish and can be found in tan and brown leather jackets. Nubuck leather jackets boast of waterproof finish. Suede jackets are prone to discoloration and are usually given a treatment to protect them. Split jackets are made by slicing the top layer of the hide in two thin layers.

Leather Jackets Are Available In Many Styles.

The popular ones being the leather biker jackets, bomber jackets, blazers, and reefer jackets. Leather biker jackets are worn by motorcyclists as they are extremely tough and are resistant to water and wind. Boomber jackets are warm and comfortable and are worn mainly by pilots. Leather blazers are highly versatile and can be worn both up and down. Reefer jackets boast of a casual look with higher button break point.

If you are out to buy a leather jacket for yourself, make sure that it has good quality zips, matching panels, and internal pockets. Check the jacket to ensure that there are no lose threads coming out of the jacket.

Buy the right leather jacket, and take pride in owning a timeless piece of fashion attire.


Your Complete Guide to Buying Leather Jackets [Infographic] image Leather Jacket The Buying Guide Infographic by My 3

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