Thursday, 23 January 2014

You! Be Informed! #0056 – Visa Unveils New Logo and Brand Positioning

Visa, the global digital payments network recently unveiled their refreshed logo and visual identity for brand positioning.

The most prominent change on the new Visa logo is the removal of the yellow strand in the “V“. The logomark is now painted with a darker shade of blue gradient which is a hop on the flat design trend we usually see on most logo redesigns by other brands.

Visa new logo

Visa also launches a new tagline, “everywhere you want to be” which is derived from their famous slogan, “it’s everywhere you want to be“. Antonio Lucio, Visa’s Chief Brand Officer, said that this tagline reflects the use of the card “everywhere” that transcends physical locations.



We recognized that, for the first time in Visa’s 55-year history ‘everywhere’ is now within reach of ‘everyone… New innovations, like mobile and e-commerce, are extending the value and reach of secure Visa payments to new people and places around the world. At this important inflection point in Visa’s history, connecting to our heritage and vision was a powerful and irresistible idea.” – Antonio Lucio, Visa’s Chief Brand Officer

Visa also launched a new TV spot commercial in the U.S. entited “Flying” under their new tagline “Everywhere you want to be” which features U.S. Olympic women’s ski jumping athlete, Sarah Hendrickson. As the worldwide partner of the Olympics, Visa will expand to reach more audiences through various digital channels in the coming months.

Visa "Flying" Olympics ad

After Visa’s press release last week, the new identity received bad reviews and feedback over the web. StockLogos said that Visa “needs a lot more than timid logo refreshes, rehashed slogans and use of the #everywhere Twitter hashtag to remain relevant in the quickly-changing world of transaction processing“.

Brand New, the popular blog about opinions on branding and identity, said this was an “absolutely unnecessary change“. Stating that “removing the yellow strand makes no sense whatsoever and it doesn’t support any of the positioning malarkey… Now it just like the worst single serif on an italic sans serif ever“.

What do you guys think of the new Visa logo? Share your thoughts via the comments below!

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