Monday, 6 January 2014

Ways to Be Greener at Your Next Trade Show [Infographic]

When you are a businessman who wants to expand his business by brand marketing then trade show is an ideal option to go for. However, we all know that trade show booths are made up of toxic material that is a material that can harm the environment. Everything that makes a trade show booth such as flooring, drapes, boards, all these contain huge amount of volatile organic compounds that can certainly choke the environment. According to researches, trade shows generate 600,000 tons of waste every year.

So, the best solution to switch to is considering Eco-friendly exhibits. Business entrepreneurs can consider green displaying exhibits, greener shipment, green marketing and green traveling.

Now, the question is what are green displays? Green displays are Eco-friendly options that you can use for your trade show. You can make use of green flooring options made of bamboo, sisal, sea grass and wood. Also, you can use green Eco walls, green printing, Eco-friendly promotional items as giveaways, and ensure that all the trade show materials are recycled in the end.

Likewise, you can follow a green shipment process. For instance, you can use Eco-friendly packing and shipping supplies such as recyclable packing peanuts or boxes that are made using recycling material.

When it comes to marketing of your brand, you can easily install a quick-response code on your trade show booth using which the potential audience will be able to access the company’s information.

Once marketing is done, you need to ensure that you also incorporate green system in your traveling process as well. For this, you can request a hybrid or an electric vehicle from the rental services.

With an increased number of individuals want to live in a greener environment, green marketing has gained huge popularity. Using green exhibits and other green techniques can help you expand your business and spread your brand image across masses. Trade show booths can instantly fetch millions of people and thus you can make the best use of green trade show booths to ensure that your audience get attracted not only to your brand but also to the way you have promoted it, that is economically.

Green exhibiting offers an upgrade in usability over traditional options. You can choose some of the most appealing green trade show displays and products to leave a lasting impression on your target audience.


Ways to Be Greener at Your Next Trade Show [Infographic] image go green ig3

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