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Awesome Web Design of the Week – SF/ARTS

San Francisco is a city that has immense love for the arts and culture.  In order to guide the people with the different art events such as art shows and movie screenings, San Francisco recently launched SF/Arts. This nifty website is what we are featuring in this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week.

Thanks to the support of the government, corporations and private patrons the art scene in San Francisco is ever vibrant and booming. In fact, the art industry is considered as the fourth largest growth industry attracting talented people feeding a range of creative industries. With an abundance of arts and culture events in the city it is easy to get lost through the stream of information. This is why in this edition of Awesome Web Design of the Week we are going to look through SF/ARTS. The website is a monthly magazine with a comprehensive listing of San Francisco’s arts and cultural events.

Awesome Web Design of the Week: SF/ARTS

The website was designed and developed by New York based company LarsonAssiociates. SF/ARTS is a fully responsive website designed and developed to be viewed across a multitude of devices. Being available through a number of devices helps the monthly magazine to be readily available for consumption. This is perfect for both users and event organizers who had their events listed in the website because of the website’s wide reach.

Awesome Web Design of the Week: SF/ARTS
SF/ARTS look and feels like a magazine. Welcoming the users with a big picture slider that somewhat acts and looks like a magazine cover of the month’s feature. The website’s aesthetic is simple and clean. Dividing it into four sections gives a rather direct and unobstructed navigation. Skimming through the different events regardless of category is simple and doesn’t require the user to jump to another page.

Awesome Web Design of the Week: SF/ARTS
Awesome Web Design of the Week: SF/ARTS

The layout of the event page is clean and much like the rest of the website it stays simple with a few additions. Such additions are the event info column placed in the right hand side wherein it lists  down the event duration, prices, maps and the event website itself. The left hand side houses in other events the user might like to check as well.

Awesome Web Design of the Week: SF/ARTS
Awesome Web Design of the Week: SF/ARTS

The bookmarked events by the user are neat compiled in the bookmark page. The bookmarked pages are displayed with the event title and it’s date making it look like a calendar of art events. The website also features an amazing search page. Users can use the search bar for keywords while they can also look to events using different categories such as price, neighborhood and when it is going to happen.

SF/ARTS is one comprehensive website offering information to users. The simplistic approach helps keep away the clutter and information overload. The website is a perfect example of the healthy balance between design and functionality.

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