Monday, 2 December 2013

Why You Should Blog During the Holidays

Why You Should Blog During the Holidays image photo14Holidays are a series of long-awaited moments. You catch up on months of lost time with family. You cook for friends you haven’t seen in years. These moments are what make holidays special.

Whether I’m off work or off entertaining, writing is a critical part of my life. To me, writing is as relaxing as sitting by the fire, and as necessary as carving the turkey on Thanksgiving. So no matter how busy the holidays get, I always carve out time to blog. Here’s why you should, too.

The Holidays Provide Inspiration

As you get together with loved ones, the holidays enable you to fill in the blanks of the last few months or years. This is a breeding ground for storytelling, so grab some eggnog and listen for the inspirational moments that could make for great blog posts.

Your Pictures Tell 1,000 Blogs

We all go photo-crazy during the holidays, but they can also lead to great content. Think about an angle before you take that next shot, such as gathering a theme of photos. I love this one of doors in Fredericton, NB. Save the photos and use them over time in various posts.

It’s a Perfect Time to Practice

If you don’t write or blog often, the holidays are the time to practice. The holidays can provide downtime and a clear mind free of work and commuting. Remember, however, your blog is public and people will read it. So if you are new at it, write a few posts during holidays and publish them over time so you can reread and edit.

You Have a Better Chance of Breaking Through

This is the time of year that many people take a break from content, however, your audience is still reading and engaging online. Use this open window of opportunity to create and share your blog posts. That recruiter you’ve been dying to reach or that boss you’ve been trying to impress might be listening now.

So amongst the piles of presents, the prickly pine needles and the spiked eggnog, take a moment or two to write. You won’t regret this time alone. It might even be the best part of your holiday.

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