Saturday, 21 December 2013

Top 5 Pins: Holiday Packaging Ideas

After all the endless crowded Christmas shopping excursions, it’s finally time to sit down and wrap those gifts. Thanks to the growing popularity of DIY (thanks in large part to Pinterest!), gift wrapping has morphed into somewhat of an art. Presentation can be just as important as what’s inside the box, so take some time to put some thought into the packaging. If you’re having trouble figuring out the best way to wrap your Christmas gift, don’t worry! This week’s post features some of the loveliest and most creative packaging ideas we found on Pinterest. Happy gifting and have a wonderful holiday everybody!

1. Twig Christmas TreesTop 5 Pins: Holiday Packaging Ideas image X38Uoh4cBVTYwNGH6N9RcG78xYchs7mrPTjP0B5ZyNKVjOMjjMPfLcmmy4q04 2KbFHoHCx7kazx7q8PBMGOPIrrb233SdtdlDX PDow zofnq3eYd3vjezRQ

Grab some twigs from your backyard or local park and construct these lovely tree to add as a gift topper on your package. Isn’t it amazing what you can create with just a little yarn and glue?

2. Fabric Bags Top 5 Pins: Holiday Packaging Ideas image upOkBRxbJ HAeA7tAug0Kb WcMkZeKgICpoDoPvaAixzPzmM7pr5NZh6XlkSg5Lwne mA8JbGOf nHFCy08H0xnV pipUxX gKYLknNmcqY01rXS QEQK1d1Ow

If you’re giving a gift that involves a brownie mix in a jar or other food related items, pack them up in a lovely fabric bag like this. You almost don’t want to open them!

3. Lace Printed Wrapping Paper Top 5 Pins: Holiday Packaging Ideas image zvDJVeOKATnC3drj3so4SDU RfscfC5lT7zCXL8gNPE4pvPkZu4PA1ZOQwqpWwjiR 0nJu7iQGLw3e z9tJst5yXciM8wySfTc805x1oA290HOjyToFdN6 dCQ

Wrap lace onto a rolling pin and dip it into your desired colored paint. Roll the pattern over plain white wrapping paper and you instantly have your own unique packaging paper!

4. Glittered Gift Tags Top 5 Pins: Holiday Packaging Ideas image

You’re probably a little tight on cash after all that holiday shopping. Save some money on buying gift tags and make your own at home! Just cut out some white cardstock paper and add some glitter and bells.

5. Christmas Wreath Gift Topper Top 5 Pins: Holiday Packaging Ideas image K6UZadQ2vFdNMJ6prVkAIAN2Ydu0mLH49BVRrysZ5VAu8QZANr9bPuX4hJ7bjT3ngI6rqmvsPOcqwoBc1jDTB 4LKJlxNCeFZV9 h9HHHjMSW K STX6guBDgg

Add a little Christmas pep to your gift wrap and make a mini wreath to top of your present. This can be achieved with some sprigs of rosemary, but you can choose other shrubs to make this tiny wreath.

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