Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Tis the Season to be Social

Tis the Season to be Social image Untitled 11There are only a few days left until Christmas this year, but it’s not too late for you to take advantage of the rushing shoppers if you act quickly. As a matter of fact, upping your social game for the next couple of weeks could really help clear out that year-end inventory or make a few extra sales.

Even in bad economic times, people are out spending money they don’t have to make sure that their loved ones have a merry Christmas. If they’re going to spend it anyway, they might as well spend it with you.

Everyone’s Looking Down

The shopping doesn’t end on December 25th for most. Year-end closeout sales are huge for the week after Christmas, and people are still in that shopping and spending mood, especially as long as the deals keep up. What are they doing non-stop besides shopping? Surfing social media.

People can’t help but post pictures to Instagram or Pinterest or Facebook of the shiny things they see everywhere this time of year. How many pictures of new presents do you imagine will be uploaded to the web Christmas day?

But online mobile shopping, particularly purchases routed from social sites, are way up. British online mega-retailer says that about a quarter of all sales now come from mobile devices. Additionally, they say that their incoming traffic from Pinterest is up 200% year over year, and their sales from Facebook traffic are up 80%.

All I Want for Christmas is a Good Social Media Dashboard

Tis the Season to be Social image sendible Gift 2Traffic on social sites is going through the roof right now. Sales are coming from Facebook and Pinterest among others, people are Tweeting their heads off about stuff, and Google+ is, well…it’s still Google+. Don’t give up on it yet.

You have a gold mine of data sitting and waiting for you right now in the form of these social posts, and you need a decent shovel and pick to extract that gold from the rock. It’s times like these that people with solid social media management software working for them are thanking their lucky stars. There’s way too much activity to sift through individually or with some second-rate monitoring tool.

Give your company a merry Christmas and a happy new year by closing 2013 out right. Don’t let the overflowing opportunities out there right now float by without making the most of them. It might just be the thing that kicks your 2014 into high gear right out of the gate.

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