Sunday, 29 December 2013

How to Leverage Login Data to Unify Cross-channel Experiences

Last year eMarketer reported that 45% of consumers prefer a combination of online, mobile, and in-store shopping. Unfortunately for marketers still depending on retargeted ads to convert consumers, cookies do not translate to mobile devices, and with mobile usage expected to surpass desktop usage this year (eMarketer), this presents a significant problem. As consumers connect with brands across a wider variety of touch points, marketers are struggling to construct a single view of consumer identity across channels.

Giving users the option to register for websites via social login enables marketers to effectively track their identities across channels, tying all user activities to a single social identity, no matter the device. Marketers are then able to construct much more complete and accurate user profiles that in turn enable them to create increasingly relevant, customized and seamless omni-channel experiences for consumers.

For example…

How to Leverage Login Data to Unify Cross channel Experiences image KLM 2

93-year-old KLM Royal Dutch Airlines recognized the need to grow with connected consumers by establishing more authentic relationships across a variety of mediums. To address this need, KLM created the airport simulation game, Aviation Empire, where users can sign in using social login to participate. To bridge mobile and physical experiences, Aviation Empire incorporates GPS technology to reward players virtual game points for checking-in to airports in real life. Social elements like a leaderboard displaying the top-ranked gamers and the ability to share game activity across users’ social channels foster a highly interactive, engaging multi-channel experience. With Aviation Empire, KLM can now successfully reach consumers on a more engaging level outside of the actual flying experience.

The Way the Cookie Crumbles

Employ a database that can aggregate large amounts of both structured (e-mails, location, etc.) and unstructured (top TV shows, favorite sports, etc.) data from multiple channels. Choose a platform that easily integrates with your existing third-party marketing tools to effectively leverage this data across other channels, like email.

To learn more about transitioning from retargeting to authentic relationships, download our survival guide, “Marketing In A World Without Cookies.”

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