Tuesday, 12 November 2013

You! Be Informed! #0051 – Sweden Unveils New Identity Design

Sweden recently unveiled its stunning new branding with the aim of making an integrated visual identity to be used in communications, organizations, agencies and corporations that represent Sweden in the world.

The Swedish government commissioned Soderhavet, digital specialists who focus on designing brand identities and digital services to Scandinavian and international organizations. Soderhavet made use of two major required identity carriers that best represent Sweden which were the Swedish flag and the textual mark ’Sverige’. Along with these elements is the use of a specially made typeface called Swedish Sans and two principal colors found on the Swedish flag – yellow/gold and blue.


The next step is to combine these elements and apply them in stationery, sender system, logo types of other organizations, brochures and websites. The resulting brand design is simple yet refined enough to represent Sweden in a more integrated visual identity.

Sweden Identity



Sender system, including the logotypes of the organisations

Soderhavet has this to say about the design process: 

During the design process, we grappled with many questions, including: Which symbols best represent a country? How do we design a unified identity for use in extremely divergent contexts and on wildly different scales? Which parts of an identity should always be used, and which parts only in the right context? And how do we clarify when an organization is speaking on behalf of Sweden? 

Sweden Identity

Sweden Sans


Sweden Sans used in brochure


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Sweden Sans used in brochure

Sweden Identity

Swedish Website (desktop and mobile versions)

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