Tuesday, 5 November 2013

You! Be Informed! #0050 – Monotype’s Typecast, Stately Type and TDC Generator

Hello creatives! It’s been a while since our last round-up of design news and stories from the creative world. Today we will give you a few resources for the type enthusiasts out there. We all know that typography is one of the most important aspects of design so the following stories might just be useful and inspiring fro your next creative project!

Monotype Partners with Google to Offer New Design Tool To Web Font Customers


Today, Monotype announced a free version of its Typecast application, now available via Google Fonts and Monotype. This free version of Typecast – a browser-based app for creating realistic and consistent designs – allows designers (esp. students, new grads, freelancers and small studios) who rely on the Google Fonts free typeface library to learn how Web fonts work and develop their skills.


Here’s how designers will benefit from the new partnership and the free version of Typecast:

  • Users of Google’s library of free typefaces can now experiment with font pairings from the Google Fonts directory
  • Designers can more easily build highly legible type systems thanks to a wide range of controls, including font size, weight and line spacing
  • Design work can be exported as production-ready HTML and CSS, or PNG files, to share with others or merge with comps


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Stately Type: Hand-lettered US Map


David Lesue, graphic designer from Utah has created a hand-lettered map of United States called “Stately Type”. It is no ordinary map because each state is cleverly formed by letters from its name. The inspiration for this project came from his love of hand-lettered type combined with his fascination with the iconic shapes of state boundaries.

Stately Type

Aside from the letterpress US map print, the project also involves 50 individually designed hand-lettered t-shirts—one for each state in the map. Print and shirt color are carefully picked to somewhat reflect the identity of each state it represents.

Stately Type

Check out and backup his project on Kickstarter to make it happen.



TDC Generator


The Type Directors Club has made an interesting type generator, allowing anyone who enters the microsite to create a typographic expressions transformed into an image based on a six letter word of phrase, with color and form altered by parameters such as time and location. Designers such as Louise Fili and Stefan Sagmeister have already submitted words to the Generator.

TDC Generator

The TDC Generator was created in correlation with their 60th Communication Design Competition and 17th Typeface Design Competition.



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Stay awesome everyone!

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