Wednesday, 20 November 2013

What Animals Tell Us About Dating [Infographic]

The animal word is full of weird and wonderful examples of mating (dating) behaviour. Many have interesting scientific explanations and many of the behaviours give us a tantalising insight into why humans behave the way we do.

Praying Mantis – Female mantis produce pheromones or chemical attractants which specifically lure males to her. If they don’t measure up, she eats them. If they are suitable, she mates with them. Then eats them anyway.

Moose – Male moose with large antlers are more likely to obtain mates due to their competitiveness, dominance and high phenotypic quality.

Emperor Penguin – Penguin couples spend their lives apart from each other and meet once a year in late March. Once there, penguins look for their mate by making a bugling call.

Peacock – Peacocks produce large colourful tails. Peahens actively favour peacocks with large bright tails over ones without.

Porcupine – Male porcupines often spray their urine at high velocity onto female porcupines. If this interests her, she will mate with the male.

Manakin – In an attempt to impress the female manakin, male manakin perform a number of dance moves. One move (the backwards slide) has a striking resemblance to Michael Jackson’s moonwalk.

Lion – Lions copulate 20-40 times per day, females doing the majority of the hunting and larger dominant males defending territory.

Check out the infographic that goes with this article:

What Animals Tell Us About Dating [Infographic] image animals b2c

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