Friday, 29 November 2013

US Energy Usage In Numbers

According to the new infographic released by, United States consume 19% of world’s total primary energy consumption and the Annual per capita energy consumption in United States is 312 Million Btu as compared to world per capita energy consumption of 74 Million Btu.

In terms of production, Texas generates 16.2% of total US energy production, followed by Wyoming (13.3%) and Louisiana(5.1%). Wyoming has the highest per capita energy consumption of 975 Million Btu followed by Louisiana (886 Million Btu) and Alaska ( 881 Million Btu).

According to the infographic, Residential and commercial buildings consume only 10% of total energy consumption. And, US could become energy independent by 2020 and the growth rate of energy production will be higher than energy consumption till 2040.

US Energy Usage In Numbers image us energy usage2

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