Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Top Five Most Generous Prizes [Infographic]

If you drive a Maserati, have a body-builder physique and live the millionaire lifestyle 24/7, can you really be considered as in touch with your employees and able to demonstrate genuine acts of generosity towards the people that help fund your lifestyle?

Fans of the TV show Undercover Boss avidly watch each week to see a CEO abandon their current position and lifestyle to go undercover and see what is really happening in their company at ground level, amongst ordinary employees.

The aforementioned Maserati-driving CEO who featured in one of the episodes was the head of Diamond Resorts, Mr Stephen J Cloobeck, and he turned out to be good to his word and demonstrated some extraordinary acts of generosity towards some of his employees as a result of what he saw and heard during his week undercover.

Mr Cloobeck spent some $2.41M on acts of generosity including establishing a crisis fund for all his employees to have access to and whilst the sums of money he committed firmly establish him as probably the most generous undercover boss seen on the show, there are a number of other worthy candidates who felt the need to put back some of what they have a result of the hard work of people around them.

Here is an Infographic courtesy of Take a look at the Top 5 most generous undercover bosses and what they did to earn their place in the list.

Top Five Most Generous Prizes [Infographic] image undercover boss3

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