Monday, 18 November 2013

The Care Home of the Future (Infographic)

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Did you ever dreamed about having a robot-butler that can do the little things for you? Small (but so annoying) stuff such as grabbing you a glass of water when you are already in bed, go to the door when you are in the bathroom… Thankfully, you might still one day be able to fulfill this dream, as the robot-butlers will probably be a good addition to the care homes of the future. If one of these little helpers seems great now, imagine when you are old and always forgetting to take your pills. And let’s not even talk about other technological advances like smart toilets that can analyze your waste or special social networks that will allow the elder to feel connected with the world. These are just some possibilities in the care homes of the future.

The world is aging rapidly, so action must be taken to improve the living conditions of the population’s older fringes. The world has recently reached the mark of seven billion people and that number keeps growing, which is becoming a true concern for the demographics’ experts. Besides, this growth trend regarding people with more than 60 years is expected to triple over the next 40 years.

There are currently in the world more than 893 million people over 60 years, but this number will increase to 2.4 billion in the middle of this century, around 2050. Although we should reach some stability then, the main trend of the global demographics is that, in most countries, the population will no longer grow or will grow less than in the past. So, it’s obvious we need solutions to properly become an elder-friendly world… and quick ones! Maybe the researchers could take a look at this next infographic and be inspired by these amazing solutions.


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