Friday, 1 November 2013

First Aid For A Heart Attack Infographic

Heart attack is a serious disease that caused due to the sudden blockage of the coronary artery. It takes lives of million of people per year. Did you guys know that this is ranked number one deathy disease in the world. ?

Because of unhealthy routine of today’s busy people heart attack is catching them a lot. Lack of exercise, eating junk food, increase in stress, lack of rest impacts negative factors on them which causes heart attack.

If we correctly recognize the signs of heart attack, we can save one’s lives through CPR..

Look at the Infographic that picturizes the first steps that individuals can take when they see someone is having a heart attack.

Following steps can help you in this regard:-

1: Go for the emergency call at 911 if you see that the pain persists for more than 3 minutes.

2: Try to keep the person relax and calm and make him feel like comfort.

3: Give the person to chew the aspirin or swallow it so that you can save him/her from allergy.

4: If he/she wears tight clothes then loosen the clother so that the person can relax.

5: Give CPR if person is going in to the unconscious condition by giving chest impressions, to support the heart and lungs.

If you know CPR, you can save one’s life. CPR is started within 4 minutes of collapse and defibrillation provided within 10 minutes a person has a 40% chance of survival.


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