Wednesday, 5 June 2013

What Reminds Pix and Mix of Summer

A very good morning/afternoon/evening to you all, wherever on this wonderful planet you may be; welcome back to the Pix and Mix Digital Media blog!

Now-as we all know summer is literally on our door-step (well-it's meant to be in the UK but Mr Sunshine can't seem to make up his mind whether we are still in winter-seriously, the amount of rain we have had in the Cambridge area has been diabolical, we even had hailstones not long ago!) Anyway-as we were saying; yes summer is practically here and we we thought 'wouldn't it be nice to share some lovely photos we have taken of some pretty flowers and animals that remind us of summer, so without further ado here we are-oh, and happy growing!


That radiant yellow glow just say's it all really SUMMER IS HERE!!!

 Click here to view this pretty sunflower print in our online gallery


Everyone loves butterflies and they are becoming somewhat a rarity in many areas of the UK so we thought we would remind you all of what they look like and the fact that they only appear during the summer months.

Click here to view this vibrant butterfly print in our online gallery

Click here to view this pretty butterfly print in our online gallery


Beautiful delicate flowers that shout out summer, especially our photo of a rainbow rose!


Their beautiful feathers are the most gorgeous shades of bright yellow with blue detail, just look at this pair of love birds!

Coral Reefs:

The tropical sea always reminds us of summer holidays abroad, This photo was actually taken in Egypt's beautiful Red Sea by ours truly!-OK we think a pattern is building up here,
basically anything that involves the colour yellow!

So there you have it, some images of pretty things that reminds us of the summer (when it finally gets here!)

Now that you have seen some of our examples, it's your turn-what reminds you of the summer? Why not post up and share some of your pictures to show us and share the love!

Be sure to check back soon where we will have some more exciting posts to share with you, ta-ta for now!

oh-oh we almost forgot, all the photos that you see in this and any other of our posts are our own unless otherwise stated, we have travelled quite far to bring you some
exotic treats!

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All the best
The Pix and Mix Team

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