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Which Industries does Social Media Benefit the Most?

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Yes that's right, once again we are back on our favourite topic of Social Media, only this time we want to talk to you about another avenue of this ever-growing phenomenon.

As you will well be aware by now (we've hooted on about it for long enough!), Social Media is a huge deal in todays technology fuelled society. Businesses both large and small are some-what becoming reliant on the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Linked in as a means of advertising themselves (us included) and why ever not? It's free and allows you to connect to practically the entirety of the planet at the click of a button, It would be daft not to!

There are hundreds upon thousands of businesses out there worldwide who use social media to boost their advertising credentials, but what businesses benefit the most from this you may ask?  Well-we have done our homework by researching this topic for you, on top of our own knowledge and experience of course! So without further ado, here are the top businesses that benefit from Social media:

SMALL BUSINESSES: The misfortune in loss of jobs due to our current economic climate has meant that many of us have started to re-think whether or not it's actually worth finding new employment or not. Increased amounts of people have decided to take the plunge by going it alone and starting up their own businesses.

What is one element that allows them to be successful? Why Social Media of course! Small businesses thrive on personal attention or word of mouth so to speak, which is where the likes of Twitter and Facebook come in. They allow for small businesses to connect to a vast number of people as apposed to just being limited to their local area, which as a result builds a larger community of interest for them. Although we must stress that Social Media is not necessarily for everyone it does work for many.

ENTERTAINMENT: As we well all be very aware, entertainment of any description is a social experience in one way or another, whether it be sitting in front of the box amongst family, going to the cinema or theatre with friends or attending a fashion show; All these sources of entertainment are backed up by Social Media. When major shows are announced you can almost certainly expect a flurry of Tweets and Shares, which are then followed, by further flurries at key points of these events. It doesn't just stop there as highlights will more than likely be repeatedly shared the following day as well as on the TV for world-wide occasions. 

Not only does visual based entertainment benefit from Social Media, but also auditorial. Although a shame, big high-street entertainment retailers are harshly being affected by the slump in Compact Disk (CD) and DVD sales as they are being replaced my downloadable content, which of course is shared across Social Media platforms. An individual posts up a track they have listened to or a film they have watched online with a link. it sparks interest and low and behold a sale!

MARKETING: It's no secret that Social Media is undoubtedly a cost effective way of advertising and although you can pay in order to target specific audiences, its not investment in money that makes it cost effective but in time. As we have explained many a time in our Social Media posts, time plays an essential role as you have to schedule specific parts of the day to posting up enticing marketing campaigns to bring in the punters. Social Media allows for unlimited exposure as well as reductions in marketing expenses.

RETAIL: Traditional retailers have now cottoned on to the social media trends and are all jumping on the bandwagon. So not only do we have online-based retailers in on the act, but also the likes of big high street brands and small local establishments. Social Media makes for a great opportunity for customers to share their thoughts and experiences within the retail market place, nipping any complaints in the bud; allowing business to review, reflect and grow.

CONSUMER TECHNOLOGY: It goes without saying that Apple are the most renowned and loved technological brand when it comes to consumer technology. Their adoring fans tap into social media sites to openly sing and dance about the wonderful experiences that they encounter with Apple products. After all Apple are the pioneers of the number one selling product that is the iPhone. Not only are Apple the inventors of this sophisticated smart phone technology but they have also freed the limitations of the desktop by allowing us to socialise on the go. Sales for the Apple iPhone increased from 17.7 million during the months of July-September 2011 to 37.4 million between October-December 2012, meaning sales have more than doubled! Although Social Media cannot account for all the credit, it has contributed to a substantial chunk of their sales. But we must not forget that Apple are not the only technology based brand that have generated success through Social Media, they are just a prime example.

TRADITIONAL MEDIA: Yup that's right the likes of the local and inter nation Newspapers, TV and Radio stations are experiencing increased reader and viewer interaction thanks to the existence of Social Media. A practice has spread into real time Twitter and Facebook conversations, an element that goes way beyond the capabilities of snail mail (letters).

EDUCATION: It's inevitable that the power of the Internet will take over and although education isn't an industry as such (it's a government service) tutors, mentors and students alike are enjoying the capabilities that Social Media provides in allowing them to collaborate in a way they never could before.

RECRUITING: Social media is a feeding ground for recruiters. The likes of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn allow for this industry sector to tap in and communicate work opportunities beyond their local area like never before! Job seekers are increasingly turning to Social Media to hunt down jobs as apposed to flicking through their weekly local newspaper or nipping down to the job center. These sites are great for tracking down possible candidates as well as getting an insight to their personal interests and activities; it's almost like an undercover interview-a personality check. As a result it allows for a recruiter to get to know the candidate before they have even physically meet them! 

FASHION: Old media has pretty much flown out of the window, being replaced by Social Media as it is simply too slow in communicating to the general public through print based advertising. Social media platforms have given a new lease of life to the fashion industry like never before. It allows for the engagement of a larger audience on a global scale making it time and cost effective as well as more efficient. Basically it's a method of communication that moves as quickly as fashion does! Lovers of fashion can now tap into the latest trends at the click of a button as apposed to waiting for the next issue of their monthly magazine, press release or TV show.

TRAVEL AND HOSPITALITY: Not only is the world of Social Media great for keeping us up to date with enticing information about a specific topic, but also allows for the creation of competitions and that's exactly what the travel and hospitality industry have taken advantage of. You'll of probably seen before your very eyes things like 'Win two tickets to...just like and share this be in with a chance" and so on. In doing this travel companies have received increased follows, likes and Twitter mentions, which of course help, propel them into the forefront of the consumer eye. Travel companies also use Social Media to post up last minute travel and accommodation deals that of course gain them extensive customer feedback resulting in new clientele. Further more it allows for immediate customer complaint response that in turn creates a new level of customer service that can help build and maintain a company’s reputation.

RESTAURANTS AND CATERING: Similarly to travel and hospitality, restaurants, cafe's and bistros etc. also take advantage of Social Media by running things like competitions and special offers in order to attract their customers. The food and beverage industry find it difficult to keep on top of a fully functioning website but Social media has allowed them a real time way of keeping audiences up to date with any promotions. Restaurants can build positive (or negative) feedback like in the space of a few seconds compared to the days when unsatisfied customers contacted a firm through a phone call or letter by post that took twice as long to receive any sort of response.

Below we have re-created a pie chart which we found on 
This is a great example of what businesses use Social Media as a means of communicating with their customers.

Now you should have a good understanding of how Social Media has benefited a wide variety of businesses/organisations and continues to do so. Who knows what surprises they'll spring upon us in years to come; is this all just a fad or will Social Media just continue to grow and grow, taking over the world?  We would love to hear your thoughts.

Like we always say, please keep your eyes peeled for further posts but for now, cheerio and we hope to see you here again soon :)

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