Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pix and Mix Show and Tell: The Infusion Awards Logo Concept

Hello and good morning, afternoon and evening to you all, we hope you are well and feeling fab!
As per usual we have been working on some fun projects for our clients and thought it would be nice to share one of our latest with you.

As many of you will know by now, we offer many design services, one of which is graphic design that includes anything from editorial i.e. leaflets, brochures, business stationery and logo design to photo books and cards but to name a few from the top of our heads!
We were contacted by a lovely lady who works for the Bargroves Centre, an organisation based in St Neots Cambridgeshire UK that works with and supports young people in anything from lifestyle issues to education and employment.
Our client explained that they wanted to celebrate how important young people are and how they contribute to the continuous development of the community, allowing it to thrive and become something really special by putting on an event-very exciting indeed! For the event a logo was needed for banners and other applications.
We like to work with our clients face to face as much as we can in order to provide their exact requirements, plus it's a great excuse to get to know them better!  She and one of her students came along to our design studio with an idea of what they wanted but were not quite sure how to go about it (which is where we stepped in to work our magic!) The lady explained that prior to our meeting the students had all sat down together and conjured up the idea of a silhouette of a young person jumping out of rainbow beams with the wording 'The infusion Awards, Celebrating Young People 2013' in blue; a lovely simple concept in our opinion.

After the meeting we got straight to work and came up with a couple of designs that included  the title placed in various positions. We sent off our designs of which our client was thrilled with! Below is the design they all chose.

We thoroughly enjoyed this project, it was really great to get the opportunity to work alongside young people and include their input into the final design, after all the event was in celebration of them so it captures a very special message.

As always, thank you very much to you all for reading this post, your support is always appreciated.

Keep your eyes peeled for more news about our latest works as well as loads of great info and support on various topics. In the mean time we hope you have a great week.

Take care
the Pix and Mix Team

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