Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Pix and Mix: How do I write and Publish a Post on Facebook?

Right-now that we have got the nitty gritty stuff out of the way we can now concentrate on the fun elements of Facebook!

OK-So you're fine with and understand the basic setup and privacy actions right? Fantastic-We thought you would be! But do you know how to create a post and share it? Some of you perhaps, here's how…

1. Head over to the 'Status' bar located below the banner of your profile page to your right, It will read 'What's on your mind'.

2. Click inside the status box and type out something, it can be anything you like from a useful link to how you're feeling for example 'hello everyone, I am finally on Facebook so please add me'. We have posted up a link to some art that we found interesting on a website.

3. Hit 'Post' located bottom right of the status panel.

You will see from the screenshot that one posted, your statement will appear underneath the status dialogue. Any posts that you submit will be listed in chronological order, newest showing first.

If you wish to insert a link to something that you find interesting i.e. a post from a blog or an image, simply copy the web address from the top of your browser and paste it into your status, you can even insert a thumbnail if you wish, if not select the 'No Thumbnail' option at the bottom of the status dialogue.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have created your very first Facebook post :D

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