Monday, 8 April 2013

Pix and Mix: How do I Edit my Private and Security Settings on Facebook?

Welcome back to the second chapter of our Facebook How to tutorials folks.

Now-before we go any further into the deep depths of the Facebook world and to give you peace of mind, we just want to give you a tour around the 'Private Settings' section.
All information that you entered during the setting up of your Facebook account will not be exposed to the entire planet. For this example we shall use our own Facebook page.

Editing your Security Settings:

1. If you look at the top left of your monitor, you will notice that there is a little cog symbol-click on it and a menu will emerge with various tasks. Hit the 'Privacy Settings' option as demonstrated below.

Here you will be able to edit things such as who is able to see and connect with you. 

2. Select the 'Edit' link- you will notice that it will read 'Public' which means that everyone will be able to view all of your posts and basic information on your page. If you do NOT wish for your page to be accessible by the public then select your preferred option i.e. Friends. You can even narrow it down further by selecting 'Close Friends' or 'Networking Peeps'. Once either is selected only your friends/networking peeps will be able to view your information and connect with you.

You will also notice that you can control who is able to find you through the Facebook search engine. Simply hit 'edit' next to each question and alter to your preference. 

Editing your Security Settings: 

This section allows you to perform tasks such as changing your Facebook password, secure browsing and log-in notifications. 

1. Select 'Security' in the options bar located to your left.
2. To alter any of these simply hit 'edit' and follow the instructions when prompted.

To go back to your main Facebook profile simply hit your avatar located top right of your monitor.

WELL DONE! You have successfully edited your preferred Facebook privacy and security settings. There are lots of other tasks you can alter in this set ion, we will show you how to edit those in future tutorials.

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