Monday, 25 March 2013

Pix and Mix: How do I Create a Facebook Account?

Hello and welcome back folks, we hope you are well- it looks like spring is finally upon us (and about time to!).

OK-as many of you will well be aware, we have written many blogs covering a whole host of subjects under the topic of social media, however what we have not done yet is create a series of tutorials that illustrate how to actually utilise the social media greats and so this is exactly what we are going to do!

Over the next few weeks or so we will be posting up anything from creating a Facebook/Twitter account to writing and posting up a status, Tweet, uploading photos and videos; you name it we will show you how!

First of all we are going to show you how to create a Facebook account so without further ado, let's begin!

From talking to many people in various businesses, they have explained to us that the one thing in todays ever-growing digital society is the fact that they just cannot get their heads around how to use the likes of Facebook and Twitter, let alone create an account! For those who have not grown up with this sort of technology it proves to be very much a delicate and baffling subject, which is why we are here to guide you through each stage, starting with the question so many of you ask...

How do I Create a Facebook Account?

Creating a Facebook account is easy, all you need is an email address and an internet connection (obviously otherwise you wouldn't be viewing this blog!).

  1. Go to the Facebook website (always a good start!).
  1. now-to the right you will see the 'sign up' section, this is where you will begin the creation of your Facebook adventures. 

You will see that in order to create an account, Facebook requires a small collection of your personal details (your name(s), email, password, date of birth and gender).
By filling in this information, Facebook can then allocate you a space in which all your friends and family can find you. By adding your birthday, this will allow Facebook to notify your fiends and family when your birthday is on the horizon so that they can send you lots of lovely birthday wishes.

3.Hit the green 'Sign Up' button where you will then be taken to the next stage of your Facebook sign-up 'Find your Friends'.

Simply fill in your email address, Facebook will then bring up a dialogue box containing photographs and basic info on anyone in your email contacts who has a Facebook account. Select the friends that you wish to connect to and then select 'Add Friends' or hit 'Skip' to continue.

4. In the next section Facebook asks you to insert further personal details (don't worry it's nothing to worry about, it makes it easier for friends to find and distinguish the correct person they are searching for, there will be many people with the same name).

Facebook will then bring up another dialogue of the people you may possibly know, select 'Add Friend' if you know them and then hit 'Save and Continue'.

5. Almost finished! Finally Facebook asks you to upload a photo/image (commonly known as an Avatar), this does NOT have to be a photograph of yourself, you can upload a funky image or even leave the avatar blank. If you do NOT wish to insert an Avatar then just hit 'Save and Continue.

Success! At the top left hand side of your monitor you will notice that Facebook requests that you confirm the Facebook 'Sign Up' process by heading over to the email account that you inserted at the beginning of the process to confirm your email address. To do this simply follow the instructions given in the email.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have now successfully created your very first Facebook account and a beautiful beginning to your social media networking experience.

Don't forget to check back where we will be revealing yet another tutorial on more Facebook elements.

See you soon!
The Pix and Mix Team

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