Friday, 8 February 2013

Pix and Mix Services: Graphic Design


Now that we have covered our digital scrap and photo-book service, we thought we would move onto the main event that is graphic design.


Before we continue with our little escapade about all the services we have to offer, we
thought it would be a good idea to quickly sum up and put into perspective what graphic design actually is. We find that there seems to be a lack of understanding with the term. 
It's not about drawing pretty pictures, an awful lot of thought goes into this field of expertise.

Graphic design is the creative process of producing thought provoking messages to a targeted audience through the use of visuals, type and layout. Traditionally It involves both
a designer (or designers) working with a client and is completed in conjunction with printers to produce a final job.

Not only does graphic design cover print based applications, but is also refers to other visual communication and presentational professions, including web design; an ever expanding phenomenon in todays modern world as well as app, game design and info-graphics.


So what graphic design fields do we cover you ask? Seeing as we are a company devoted to helping you build your business, whether you have just started up your own or have an existing one; we specialise in anything from branding which includes your overall image (logos, slogan, colour,apparel etc) to stationery and editorial applications i.e. brochures,
leaflets, catalogues, magazines, poster ads, you name it we will design it! 

We will always work with you, creating designs from initial concept to final execution to produce the perfect corporate image. You do not just have to stick to one particular product, you may require us to design you a logo which you might then want to follow up with a complete branding overhaul and then perhaps some business cards. What ever you choose, we are always more than happy to help!

Below is a list of the products that we design in order to launch you into a great and prosperous start (hopefully we have covered most of them!):
  • Branding: Logo design, colours, selection of typefaces, slogan, apparel (staff attire).
  • Business Stationery: business cards, letterheads, flyers etc.
  • Shop Signage: Your logo made into a sign, you'll be the hit of the high-street!
  • Apparel: (staff t-shirts, tabards etc)
  • Editorial: Leaflets, menus, brochures, newsletters etc
Remember: You can pick and choose any of our services and mix them up to create something spectacular!

Not only do we create graphic design for your business, but also useful info-graphics which we produce to help you lovely people get to grips with the likes social media. We have a couple on our blog that you can have a look at. They're very colourful and very hard to miss!

Don't forget: You can check out all of the work we have created previously for clients in the portfolio section of our website: Click here to visit the portfolio section of our site 

Pop back next time where we will be telling you even more about what other services we can offer you and your business.

But for now, thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you back here soon :) 

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