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The Dos and Don'ts of Social Media for Your Business Part 2: Facebook

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OK-So, in our previous discussion of 'the Do's and Don'ts of Social Media - twitter', we touched down on the fabulous Twitter (we hope that it was highly compelling and educational for you all!). Now we know we left you on a bit of a cliff hanger, but we wanted to surprise you with yet another amazing post on 'the Do's and Don'ts of Facebook'


SOELY RELY ON AUTO-POSTING: Yes it's great to share posts across your social networking accounts, however by doing this too often will only result in looking like you're not fully committed. You need to make sure that you post varied content into each of your social networking bases. For example, on Twitter you could post a useful link to some really amazing artwork, but on Facebook you could post something like, 'sending off some work to the printers, we can't wait to see the outcome!' Obviously it depends on both your field of expertise and the nature of your business to the content in which you post.

USE YOUR BUSINESS PAGE PURELY AS AN ADVERTISEMENT PLATFORM: Indeed you're a business and always hungry for new clientele, but by just using your Facebook page to advertise is just going to look really dull and un-appealing! Similarly to Twitter, you need to be posting up interesting content with images. info that is going to really entice people to come and visit your page. We're not saying don't advertise yourselves at all, we're just advising that you keep it to a minimal. The odd tickle with a money-off coupon or small advert is perfectly alright from time to time, just not on a regular basis.

FORGET TO SWITCH: As many of you that use Facebook on a regular basis will know, you can switch between pages. Be sure to check that you are using the correct voice before posting anything, you don't want to be posting up anything personal on your business page for the world to see, now that would be embarrassing! 

DELETE COMPLAINTS: Now-Many of you may object to this, but by deleting complaints made by previous customers, is just going to make you look like you don't care about not only their thoughts, but your business/organisation, and we'll tell you what…You'll be surprised at the amount of people that will just be sat around waiting to see what your response will be. So if a customer complains about the terrible customer service that they received from your services, leave it up, after we're all human and make the odd mistake from time to time. Not only that, it creates a great source of improving aspects of your business that obviously need working on.

ADD RSVP TABS TO EVENT POSTS: OK, So you're the owner of a rather extravagant hotel who not only caters for family excursions and business people, but also holds  events for a whole host of special occasions. You have a wedding fair on the horizon, you have a rather successful business Facebook page going on with a mixture of comments from previous customers, what do you do (and I bet we can guess)?…Yup! You slap an advertisement on the wall of your business page don't you! And not only that, you insert an RSVP tab…DON'T DO IT. It looks needy, and as a rule, the general public don't tend to click onto these things, let alone see them! You won't receive any of the relevant data needed for events such as this or any other. You're better off having an 'Events' section on your website with a working customer data base.

DON'T LINK FACEBOOK ADS TO YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE: You'd be better off linking these to your website where you can manage and control your content. plus you're more likely to turn leads into sales in doing SO, in other words…PUSH FACEBOOK USERS ONTO YOUR OWN TURF!

DON'T SEND MASS MESSAGES TO YOUR NETWORKS!: It's absolutely fine and dandy to post up the odd message, but don't go making a habit of it! Before posting, make sure that it comprises on compelling content that your fans will enjoy and be able to relate to. You may even attract further fans and possibly even new clientele!

DON'T OVER EXAGGERATE THINGS!: When posting up a message, keep it simple, keep it real and most importantly…keep it YOU! 

DISSERTATION OR COMMENT?: We're not at college guys!…Make sure you keep your message content size minimal, no body likes reading an essay (or worse, dissertation) when they're looking at readable content. Keep your posts simple and to the point, you don't need to go explaining every aspect of what ever information you're trying to bring across. If readers want to find out more, they can head over to your website instead!

WOAH, I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY POSTED THAT!! We know it's obvious, but we thought we would list it anyway…Don't post anything personal on your business page, other businesses don't want to see what you've had for breakfast or what the cat left! You know that great reputation you have? Well it's dying a death, and at great speed! KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL ONLY!


HAVE A 'PAGE' NOT A 'PROFILE': Make sure that when setting up your business with Facebook, that it's a 'page'. Having a 'profile' will NOT attract other businesses, it's a personal mini blog if you like. It's for engaging with people you know such as friends and family. Unlike a 'Page', a 'Profile' will not allow other businesses to 'Like' your page, nor will it enable you to check out your insights (your 'Page' stats). In other words, a profile is a complete waste of time for your business!

APPLY YOUR BRANDING: Of course you want the world to know who you are!…Just like your website, you need to give your Facebook business page some TLC! Think about the composition of your banner and avatar, it needs to be clear, straight to the point and aesthetically pleasing. At the end go the day, you want to be recognised and remembered do you not?…Yes you do!

REPLY TO YOUR MESSAGES: Don't worry, replying to direct messages/comments and posts from others is a good thing! Some may be a little tentative to negative replies but really, it's OK! It shows that people are interested in you and it can in-fact lead to a client or two. Be friendly, be honest and be yourself. No matter how daft or small the question, for some, that little reply can lead to a HUGE positive!

INTERACT WITH OTHERS: So-You stumbled across the most fabulous portfolio of a family run custom celebration cake business…Like them, you're also in the field of catering and patisserie services, what do you do? Do you…

a) Leave their page and pretend you hadn't seen it?
b) Post a little message to introduce yourself and that you think their work looks great?

I bet we can guess which one you'd go for! Getting to know other businesses is always a great thing, so start interacting today!

WATCH THEM STATS: Check out what posts work best for your viewers, do they prefer links to points of interest, or to your blog? Do they interact more with imagery over text content? what ever it may be, you can check your insights simply by heading over to your 'admin' panel and selecting the 'View Insights' tab. This will clearly show you what works best for the majority and what doesn't. 

WARNING! This can get very addictive, so watch out!

WHO IS ENGAGING WITH YOU?: In-keeping on the subject of Stats, you can also find out at what specific time of day your viewers are most engaged with you. Perhaps there are a group of businesses that target your page about 4pm. What ever the time, make sure that you concentrate a majority of your posts around your most popular viewing time. But also post around them, as you may gain further popularity at other times of the day (this will be highly dependant on the time of day in other countries).

ADD VALUE TO YOUR STATUS: Similarly to Twitter, you want to concentrate on the quality of your status, not the quantity! 

GET YOUR VIEWERS INVOLVED!: On the subject of quality, create a post that requires the interaction of your viewers. For instance, 'I'm working on a logo, I can't decide on which colour option to submit, what do you think?'. A post like this should almost certainly get your viewers engaging with you (so long as you post it at the right time!).

Phew!…Yet another very informative post for you and of course, in terms of Facebook and Twitter, this is the last section on our 'Dos and Don'ts of Social Media' post. We thought that we would cover these seeing as they are the most common sites used.

We hope you enjoyed this post, we certainly enjoyed creating it for you! If you have any further info that you would like to add, by all means tell us about it in the comments section below.

Don't forget to check back soon, where we shall have some more exciting stories for you to get your eyes stuck into, but for now…

Thank you for reading, toodle-pip!

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