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The Dos and Don'ts of Social Media for Your Business Part One: Twitter

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In our last post, we explained about the top 10 ways to grow your business, we hope that this was some-what useful to you and gives you a better understanding of the beasts of social media, and how they can be used in your favour.

Now-After sitting back into our squishy chairs (as you do), we had a little team discussion about what else we could do to help you and your business along the way in terms of the social media world, and so we thought, 'well we have revealed the top 10 benefits, but 
how about explaining the rules of the likes of Twitter and Facebook' so that's what we have done! Introducing…



Like we have already explained, Twitter really can help boost your business in many ways, however like everything, there are rules and elements that you MUST keep in mind when using it…

TWEET OR TWAM?: It's all well and good tweeting about your services, promotions and links to various sites that belong to you, BUT don't over do it as this will be seen as Twam (in other words, spam) as opposed to a great selling opportunity to your audience, it's very un-professional, the last thing you want to do is scare them off!

DON'T TAKE THINGS TOO SERIOUSLY: People not only use it as a promotional tool for their businesses, but as a little bit of fun by posting snippets about their day to day activities, any events they are, or have attended and links to cool information that they have stumbled upon on. A client may come knocking on your door thanks to Twitter, but don't be disappointed if they don't.

DON'T OVER-TWEET: Don't repeat yourself too much as this can be seen as Twam. Make sure you weigh up your tweets quality as apposed to it's quantity. You never know who's reading your posts, don't be at risk of boring potential clients and viewers that are generally interested in your business/organisation. We'd say post no more than 6 tweets per day, you don't want people thinking that you have nothing else better to do…Not a good look for your reputation!

DON'T GO SPUING ALL YOUR TWEETS TO OTHER SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES: Yes that's right, sending the odd link to your twitter page on things like blogs, your LinkedIn and Facebook pages, that's fine. BUT, do NOT go blasting the living daylights out of them by bombarding people with every single tweet that you send. It's boring, irritating and again, unprofessional!

DON'T GO POSTING ANYTHING THAT MAY OFFEND: ALWAYS comply with your ethic rules. EVERYTHING that you post via Twitter will be there to see by EVERYONE, so don't assume that direct messages will go unseen. Make sure that you THINK BEFORE YOU TWEET, if it's offensive in any way what so ever, DON'T POST IT! You don't want to run the risk of ending up in the national (or worse, international) papers!

#DON'T #OVER #HASH #TAG If you're going to Hashtag, make sure that they're key words related to your business or cool links, and we don't mean every little word. Weigh up the quality of your tweets content and only highlight elements that you feel would be useful. Plus you don't want to appear as a Twammer!

DON'T MAKE TWITTER AN OBSESSION: As you will be aware, social media plays a major role in 21st century, it's a lifestyle almost! It's easy to succumb the temptation of a tweet in every spare moment that you have (if you have many, if any!) In business, set aside time into your daily schedule and leave it at that! This will prevent you from over-doing things, and don't forget, you have a life, Twitter is just an advertising aid!

DON'T BE CLINGY: For every follower you gain, DO NOT bombard them with links when replying them, just a simple thank you will do and they'll respect you more for that.

TO FOLLOW OR NOT TO FOLLOW: You DO NOT have to follow every person that follows you, choose wisely! Follow people who are within the same field of expertise as you. For example, If you're an I.T. business, don't go following following Bob the Gardener or Susan the drama queen, it looks weird and just doesn't work!

DON'T BE A DEL BOY!: Don't go bombarding everyone with things like 'SALE NOW ON' or 'BUY NOW' people tire easily of such advertisements. Tweeting useful links and information is far more effective than exposing to the world the fact that you need to get rid of your last crate of baked beans! 


RESPOND TO DIRECT MESSAGES/TWEETS: A nice polite thank you is always welcomed by the majority of tweeters.

LINKS OF INTEREST: Everyone loves a bit of useful info, for instance, If you're a photographer, tweet things like inspirational photography or links to amazing up and coming photographers and artists.

PROOF-READ YOUR POSTS: Be careful that you're tweets are not riddles with spelling mistakes. This doesn't look good, particularly if you're in the creative 
industry where attention to detail is essential to your reputation.

USE THE ODD #HASHTAG HERE AND THERE: Adding the odd hashtag that links to points of interest and your field of expertise will almost certainly help you on the way to gaining the right fellow followers.

INCLUDE A MIXTURE OF IMAGE AND TEXT WITHIN A TWEET: If you find something interesting, go ahead and not only tell, but show the world!

BALANCE YOUR TWEETS: Weigh up your promotions with your useful info. We'd say more of the the useful stuff over the promotional stuff, saaaayy 20% promo and 80% useful and interesting.

INTERACT WITH OTHER TWEETERS: If you're interested in a tweet that's relevant to you, favourite or retweet it, It'll show that you're a real person who has interests.

TRAIN EMPLOYEES TO USE TWITTER AS PART OF YOUR BUSINESS MARKETING SCHEME: Twitter is a great aid to marketing your business, so it's always great to train them to use it correctly and effectively. You'll all be amazed at the outcomes Twitter can potentially bring!


We're going to leave you on a bit of a cliff hanger here. We hope that the information we have given makes sense and is useful to you. You'll have to tune in next time to find out the DOS and DON'TS of Facebook. Thank you for reading and see you soon folks!

Oh-and if you have any comments on this post, we'd love to hear from you…Toodles!
You can now find the dos and don'ts of facebook here.

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