Thursday, 17 January 2013

Social Networking: The Best and Worst Times to Post

Helloooo world *big waves from the team*

It's the digital age and social networking is the hip and happening thing to be doing! In-fact, if you're not involved with it (and we're pointing at those who HAVE grown up in the digital eera, those who haven't... we'll let you off) it's defiantly not a "cool" thing, and that goes for not only the general public, but for businesses.

Whether you're a one-man band, a small company or huge international corporation, involving yourselves in the social media world is a MUST! The likes of Twitter, Facebook, linkedIn, Google+ (but to name a few) are a great way to further enhance your business credentials…Many of you have already saturated the rest of the market after all, so why not!

For those of you that are actively utilising the social networking greats, do you find yourselves baffled by why some of your posts are more popular than others at particular points of the day? Well-We can tell you why…Time plays the most essential part of posting up info! The best way to look at it is to think 'what do I do throughout the working day?'. During the morning, Between anything from 6am-9am people are travelling to work and doing the school run. At around 3:45pm it's the school run again (only this time it's home-time) and between 5:00pm-6.00pm, people are travelling home from work (many not getting home until around 7/7:30pm). All these things effect social networking engagement. So, what's the answer you ask?… Basically it's during ones spare time, such as lunch breaks and lack of work towards the end of the day (for some) that social networking is at it's peak. Also, if an element of your job is social networking, you'll most likely dedicate the best parts of the day to posting, tweeting and sharing.

To help you along the way, because we're nice and all round lovely people (ahem!), we have created a very colourful info graphic for you which visually explains the best and worst times to networking online. 

I bet you're tired out after all that! But don't worry, it does take some getting used to, especially for those of you who are pretty new to all this new fangled technology! All the information that we have fed you is from our own experiences, and is a guideline to helping you find the best times that suite you. Although we will say that it tends to be around late morning and 1pm that are the best sharing for many of the social networking platforms.

We hope this post leaves you feeling like master of all knowledge! :P Oh-Do you like Emma's visual efforts? It's very colourful, which makes us happy!

We hope to see you back here soon, but for now...

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