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Pix and Mix Show and Tell: The H.M.V.C 25th Anniversary Brochure

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Here at Pix and Mix Digital Media, we are always spoilt with many a fabulous project from our clients! From website design to logos and editorial, we just love our job! So much so that we thought it would be a great idea to share with you, some of our most recent projects, let's begin with the first (you'll find out who it was for in just a moment!)...

Back in October of 2012, we were contacted by a some-what local to us singing organisation, known as the 'Huntingdon Male voice choir' (H.M.V.C). Now-These charming fellows are in-fact regulars of ours, we did a poster for an event of their's earlier on during that year, so it was an utter pleasure to be working with them again! Only this time, it was a much lengthier task…A brochure for their 25th Anniversary which was being held at Ely Cathedral. 

H.M.V.C wanted the design to look sophisticated and really emphasise their exciting event, and so we decided that as it linked in with the poster that we had created previously, it fitted the bill just perfectly! 

Ely Cathedral is renowned for its beautiful architectural structure and stained glass windows, as you will see from the photographs below, we played on this theme, using a stained glass panel throughout the design of the brochure, along with carefully structured text and imagery.

We implemented a simple layout and content for the design of the brochure which in turn, resulted in that premium concept that was proposed by our client.

Like many larger projects, a lot of emailing, proof-reading and feedback were plentiful, but to our delight, all was quite straight forward and all the hard work that was put in from both sides was well worth it! 

Oh-We almost forgot to mention that we even got V.I.P tickets to the event, and we have to say that it was spectacular!

Above: H.M.V.C  25th Anniversary Brochure 2012

Above: H.M.V.C Leaflet design we designed previously.
What do you think?

ABOVE: From left-Front cover depicting stain glass window panel and image of the choir.
Top Right-close up view of page layout, Paul Stainton from the BBC Breakfast show was 
hosting part of this great event, we never got to meet him though! Bottom Right-Another page view, H.M.V.C kindly let is add our own quarter page ad...So we did!

We hope you enjoyed our first little 'show and tell', don't forget to check back next time where we will have yet another project to show you.

For now... Cheerio folks :D

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