Friday, 18 January 2013

Pix and Mix Show and Tell: Wedding Photo-books and Cards

Hello and welcome back to the Pix and Mix Blog! We hope you're well and having a fab time, whatever you're up to.

OK-So in our first 'Show and Tell' post, we revealed a project that we recently worked on (H.M.V.C Souvenir brochure). As we enjoy sharing our creativity with you so much, we thought we would share yet another one of our pieces…

As many of you will have seen from our website (if you're not familiar with it, please do check it out!), we design photo-books for all sorts of occasions, whether it be birthdays, anniversaries or family holidays (and of course, much much more!). Anyway, this is exactly what our client asked for, a photo book, but for her wedding along with thank you cards. This was a lovely surprise, it's always great to see nice positive things happening in the world!

A simple, yet elegant design was requested by our client, and so her wish was our command. We created a quick draft concept which we then talked her through. She was very satisfied with our efforts and so we worked through the project until it's completion. 

Regarding the 'Thank You' cards, we linked the design in with the colours of the clients bridesmaids dresses (a beautiful Reflex Blue) and created a his and her wedding ring background. This design certainly fit the bill. Our client was extremely thrilled with the outcome both of her items!

Below are a selection of photographs for you to have a peep at…We hope you like them :)
This was such a fun project to work on and our client was an utter pleasure to work with! 

Above: A little arrangement of the wedding book and 
Thank You cards we designed and produced. 
We hope you like them!

What kind of clients do you get, a range, similar, please do post a comment…We'd love to hear about your experiences with working along side your own clients! 

Don't forget to check back soon for more colourful fun with the Pix and Mix team, but for now…


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