Wednesday, 23 January 2013

How do I use Hashtags on Twitter?

Hello and welcome back to you all! We hope this new blog post of ours finds you well…

Once again we find ourselves heading back to the world of social media (we do apologise, it's a love of ours!) But this time we want to talk to you about Hashtags-Oh that wonderful word HASHTAGS!…

Now-Many of you are probably still terribly baffled by this element of social marketing, but it is an essential part of the Tweeting world, that's for certain! 

Let's start with a quick overview…


So what exactly is a Hashtag you question?…Well-A Hashtag is a symbol (which looks like this #) and is placed in-front of a key work or topic within a tweet, with NO spaces. In-fact the Hashtag was designed by Twitter themselves! The whole idea of these Hashtags is that they make it easier for your tweets to come up in search engines. By clicking on a word which contains a hashtag, all the tweets that contain that word or subject related to it will appear.

  • That a Hashtag can be applied to the beginning, middle and/or end of a tweet!
  • Hash-tagged words that become popular are often part of a trending topic, therefore it may result in further followers.
  • Twitter has a weekly tradition known as 'Follow Friday'. Here fellow followers recommend other businesses, organisation and individuals you may be interested in following.


Although Hashtags are a great element of Twitter, they do have their positives and negatives (like everything!). If you apply a Hashtag within a public account, anyone who does a search for that hashtag may stumble upon your tweet!

Remember not to spam people with hundreds of tweets that contain an unnecessary amount of Hashtags, all it'll do is put people off from supporting you. No more than 2 hashtags per tweet is ample! Oh-And also make sure that you are applying your Hashtags to relevant topics, not just any old dribble!


Here are a few examples of possible tweets that could be sent, as you can see, none of them contain more than two Hashtags. We hope that these give you a better understanding of how Hashtags work, why not have a go yourself and see what results you get, hopefully some more followers ;)

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  • Having a #Gamesnight tonight with friends…
  • Check out #mystore here:
  • Its very#cold here in #stneots!


As previously explained in our past post explaining the 'Dos and Don'ts of Social Media', don't take Twitter too seriously. It's just a bit of fun that may (or may not gain you further followers and quite possibly some clientele!

We hope you found this blog post helpful (we try our best!).

Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for yet more posts on how to utilise social media and other great topics on boosting not only your knowledge, but your business as well!

See you soon :D

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