Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Basic Photoshop Tutorial: Cutting Out Objects

Adobe Photoshop - A QUICK OVERVIEW:

Like Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop is another essential piece of software that we use to aid our design work. As we explained in our previous ( Adobe Illustrator | Back to Basics Tutorial ) post, photoshop uses pixels as apposed to vectors. Pixels are basically millions of tiny squares of colour, which when viewed from a distance, make up an image.

Later versions of Photoshop now use vector graphics and the overall colour is far more superior to that of Illustrator in the fact that it gives you a better idea of how they would appear in print.


For those of you who are completely new to Photoshop, the program is relatively simple to use but like anything, it does take a bit of practice to get into the swing of things.
As you work your way around the software, you'll start to learn new skills and the other fantastic elements that Photoshop has to offer, including effects, filters, lighting and adjustments etc.

We hope that our tutorials find you well and are of help to you. In our first videos, we show you the tools panel and show you how to use the very basic tools to edit and cut out an image.
If you have any comments or questions about these and any other of our tutorials, we'd love to hear from you.

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