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Adobe Illustrator | Back to Basics Tutorials


Us graphic designers and creative people out there all know that these days, software such as Adobe Illustrator are an absolute essential to aiding our artistic abilities.
May we just highlight the fact that we use the word 'aid' as of course the use of hand-drawn masterpieces are back in fashion to an extent, it's retro so why not, That's if you have time mind, the field of design is very much a fast pace industry!

Anyway-Moving on…Perhaps you're a student who is starting a GCSE in Graphic Design, Graphic Products or other related subjects and Illustrator is one of the programmes that you are expected to use. Maybe you are one of the old school designers out there who has never ever touched illustrator in your life, basically you're a complete and utter novice, or your just someone who is interested in our artwork world? Whatever your situation, we have put together a selection of tutorials which take you through the very basics on how to utilise Illustrator so that you to, can understand the fundamentals of how to to create images using this fantastic program.

In our first video we show you the tools panel and what they do. Following on from that we then unveil how to create an image using the tools that we have explained.


Illustrator is a piece of software which allows you to create images though the use of 'Vector' graphics. In a nutshell, a vector is basically a solid object, Unlike Photoshop, it doesn't use pixels, but 'paths' and 'strokes' which when scaled up, are not juxta-positioned or pixelated in any way, they stay as one solid mass. These paths and strokes are made up of what are known as points, which can then be assigned to colour, shape, texture and so on…Think of it as a dot to dot game, you join up the  points to create a shape and then you colour it in! Instead of it being on a piece of paper and free-hand drawn, it's drawn using the motion of your mouse and tranfered onto your computer monitor to create a digital image. Illustrator also allows you to 'place' photographs, type and edit text and use an abundance of effects, filters, symbols and much more!

We tend to use Illustrator to create things such as logos, shop signage and some illustration as the use of vectors allow for a crisp and clear outcome, resulting in a clean and professional final concept.

Illustrator is simple and straight forward, however using the tools does take practice and like they say, practice makes perfect so hit the play button, get your mouse at the ready and learn with 'Illustrator, back to basics'

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Lots more illustrator tutorial videos coming soon!

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