Friday, 30 November 2012

SpeedArt Facebook Banner Design

Welcome back guys!
OK-So it's been a bit of a hectic but fantastic few months here at the Pix and Mix Digital Media and Design office. We have been working on loads of exciting projects for an array of clients! We now have a bit of time to breath and so have been sat pondering and stroking our non existent beards, on how we can help you lovely people who are not familiar with the kind of work that we do and show you some samples, give you some advice and help you learn from a selection of tutorials.

The first of our samples will be a Speed Art Facebook Banner Design 

As many of you will know from browsing our website, we design and create banners for our clients social networking pages such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube etc. We have decided to reveal to you how we make our banners through a series or speed art videos.

Here we unveil how we create a Facebook banner, using a selection of vector images and photographs. The example that we show here was for a local band who are just starting out.
We designed their logo and they asked us to also create some atmospheric artwork for their Facebook page…Enjoy!

Watch out as we will be posting lots more speed art videos as well as tutorials and general advice over the next few weeks.

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